Quadrennial Report

2021 Filing Due to Assessor's Office by November 1, 2021

Connecticut General Statutes §12-81(7), (10), (11), and (16) require the filing of a Tax Exempt Return from any organization seeking property tax exempt status from the municipality. This also requires a quadrennial filing from the initial application assessment year. Connecticut General Statute §12-87 requires exempt organizations to report any additional property acquired since the filing of the initial application or the last previous quadrennial report on a supplemental tax return.

Organizations initially requesting a property tax exemption during the interim years should check the box labeled INITIAL APPLICATION. The quadrennial filing period will remain the same when filing in an interim year.

Who Should File

Any organization seeking an exemption from municipal taxes.

How to File

Fillable forms are listed below.  These forms must be signed and mailed, or uploaded prior to November 1.

M-3 Quadrennial Report

M-3 Quadrennial Report with Housing

Signed and Dated Quadrennial Forms can be uploaded here.