I Moved But Still Received a Tax Bill

If you moved from the City of Danbury but still received a tax bill from the city it is because DMV had your vehicle registered with Tax Town 034 as of October 1st.  DMV may have changed your mailing address but not your Tax Town Code so you should check your registration to verify.

If you moved out of state, pursuant to section 12-71c of Connecticut State Statutes, you must provide us with a copy of your out of state registration, and proof your CT registration has been cancelled.

If you moved to a different municipality PRIOR to October 1st, you will need to provide the Assessor's Office with a copy of your current lease if you rent, or a copy of your Street Card (can be found on your current town's Assessor's Office website).  In order to send your vehicle to the town you are currently residing in, you must change your address with  DMV Change of Address.  This may be a requirement prior to deleting a Danbury Tax Bill.  

There is NO proration between CT municipalities.  You must pay your car taxes where you were domiciled as of October 1st.  As long as your registration has been updated with DMV, you will receive your tax bill where you are residing the following year.