I Didn't Receive a Tax Bill on my Motor Vehicle

The City of Danbury receives its Motor Vehicle Listing directly from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

There could be two reasons why you did not receive a bill:

  • Your vehicle was not registered on October 1st.  If your vehicle was re-registered late, or the registration has expired, you would not appear on our October 1st Grand List.
  • If you have a new vehicle that was registered between October 2nd and July 31st you would show up on our Supplemental Grand List.  You will receive a bill in January on your new vehicle.

PRIOR to calling the office, please check your registration to make sure:

  • Your registration is active
  • Your current tax town is 034; if it is not, your vehicle is registered in another municipality
  • Your registration has your current mailing address

Please note that the Assessor's Office cannot update your address or tax town code.  This must be done with  DMV directly.